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Scents to remember -
The Unspoken Collection

You have probably already heard about this before - a distinctive scent plays a major role in relationships, and it helps bring the spark back in them.

There are plenty of intimate moments you shared with your partner that tied to you deeply. Maybe you have kept a photograph or a video but nothing compares to that particular smell you sensed on Ferbruary 23rd, 1995 when he gave you that ring.

Whether you are looking for that smell from his favorite old scarf or you simply want to share a new scent and memory with your partner. A long lasting candle would be your favorite choice this year.

It’s my pleasure and honor to present our newest Valentines Day’s candle collection - Scents to Remember. A brand new collab from Euca Nectar and Sumlight Candle, including 7 of Sumlight Candle’s iconic scents.

Each gift box contains two hand-poured natural soy wax candles with scents and hidden message of your choice, one for your partner and one for yourself to enjoy. This special candle will lit, crackle and glow with its wooden wick in the most therapeutic way. We wish this candle can set up an elaborate arrangement for you and your partner, to sit in front of it and share intimate time together with warmth and unspoken exchange of feelings.

This collection debuts on Valentines Day, 14/02/2021. Reserve yours now.

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Scents to Remember: New Collection
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