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The most intimate and customize gift

Personal Commissions

Personal Commissions: Products


If you are looking for something custom that can perfectly show the gratitude to your loved ones or to match your home with style, let us know and we will work it out for you!

We offer:

Engraving on various surface that makes your message last forever 

· Wine bottles, 

· Metal, 

· Candle holder etc.

Custom lettering piece with Vanessa’s hand writing

· Cards,

· Chalkboard,

· Door frame decoration 

· Place cards/ escort cards for occasions,

· Quote Presentations 

· Envelope addressing

Ask away if you have any ideas or material you do not see above, we are more than honored to try out new projects!

Fill out the enquiry form below and leave your ideas to me! We will get back to you ASAP and will do our best to bring your imagination into the reality. Don’t hesitate to tell us your story behind the gift if you have one, this helps us a lot for the creation! We are happy to receive a sample or image that similar to something you have in mind. If we are on the same page, quotation will be sent to you, you can check out our workflow in the Q&A session.


Fill in the form below or email - - with your enquiry.

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