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5 Choice of message:

- You are the avocado to my toast

- Some people are worth melting for -OLAF

- I love you a latte

- Couples who laugh together, stay together.

- Life is short, make it sweet


7 signature BLEND SELECTION:  


- The Maverick 自由•意志

Sweet Russet Pear •

Wild Rose Buds • Fressia •

Musk • Amber • Patchouli


Clean but playful, like you are well-groomed with suit or dress but on the way to your party after endless meetings, with confidence.

Our Maverick blend features playful top notes of sweet russet pear, middle notes of wild rose buds and fressia, and soft base notes of musk, amber and patchouli.

It feels like: Walking away from the hustle with gracefulness.

- Greyish Nomad 旅人

Sicily Citrus · Orange Bloosom ·

Sage ·

Smoky Vine Musk · Cedar Wood


Something light and smooth, but gentle enough to fit your gender-neutral taste. Infused with Sicily Citrus and orange Bloosom, middle note with sage and followed by smoky vine musk and cedar wood. It feels like: The solo journey with your worn leather suitcase. 


- Rêve de Violette 夢遊異國

French Lavender · Bergamo ·

Eucalyptus · Clove Leaf ·

It feels like: You are almost ready in bed to be asleep.


With notes of French Lavender, Bergamo, eucalyptus, and Clove leaf.

It feels like: You are almost ready in bed to be asleep.


- The Rustic Artiste 悸動

Rustic Rose Buds · Bergamot ·

Geranium · Wild rose ·

Musk · Violet


The Rustic Artiste is the perfect grassy and floral scent symphony of rustic rose buds, bergamot, geranium, wild rose, musk and violet notes. 

It feels like: Being settled,and yet you still fall for your partner as day one.


- Nordic Beige 極簡主義

California Lemon · White Jasmine ·

Jasmine · Orange Blossom · Rose Buds ·

Fresh Mint · Woody White Musk


The mixture of freshness, calmness and effortless. Line-dried bedsheets on the cozy couch, this airy floral scent has bright top notes of california lemon,White jasmine. Middle notes of delicate jasminem, orange blossom and rose buds add a floral touch to this airy fragrance. Hints of minty notes and woody white musk round out the scent.

It feels like: Entering your coolest friend's new house.


- The Muse in Heels 繆・思

Ylang Ylang · Wild Rose ·

French Jasmine · Orange Bloosom ·

Sandalwood · Sweet Vanilia


This rather strong, dreamy and enchanting scent opens with top notes of Ylang ylang and wild rose before giving way to a heart of French jasmine and orange bloosom. Hints of sandalwood and sweet vanilia with wood notes in the base of this well-rounded sexy fragrance. Play up your feminine charm.

It feels like: Trying on the killer heels and bodycon dress in burgandy, inside your closet room.


- The Newborns 回憶記事

Bergamo · Valencia Tangerine

Rose ·

Mimosa · Baby Powder


Top note with delicate florals of Bergamo, rose and Valencia tangerine. Base notes of Mimosa and baby powder finish off this classic aroma that triggers strong emotional links.

It feels like: Hugging the newborn and was shocked by the scent you were so familiar with.

Sumlight Candles: Scents to Remember - The Unspoken Collection

  • You have probably already heard about this before - a distinctive scent plays a major role in relationships, and it helps bring the spark back in them.


    There are plenty of intimate moments you shared with your partner that tied to you deeply. Maybe you have kept a photograph or a video but nothing compares to that particular smell you sensed on Ferbruary 23rd, 1995 when he gave you that ring.


    Whether you are looking for that smell from his favorite old scarf or you simply want to share a new scent and memory with your partner. A long lasting candle would be your favorite choice this year.


    It’s my pleasure and honor to present our newest Valentines Day’s candle collection - Scents to Remember. A brand new collab from Euca Nectar and Sumlight Candle, including 7 of Sumlight Candle’s iconic scents.


    Each gift box contains two hand-poured natural soy wax candles with scents and hidden message of your choice, one for your partner and one for yourself to enjoy. This special candle will lit, crackle and glow with its wooden wick in the most therapeutic way. We wish this candle can set up an elaborate arrangement for you and your partner, to sit in front of it and share intimate time together with warmth and unspoken exchange of feelings.


    This collection debuts on Valentines Day, 14/02/2021. Reserve yours now.


    All fragrance used are certified by IFRA standards to ensure product quality and safety of user.

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