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FAQ: Price List

Workshop related queries


I am a first-timer for modern calligraphy, am I able to handle and digest everything mentioned in the calligraphy workshop?

Nothing is more excited than meeting a new friends of the calligraphy circle and we can’t wait to share our passion with you! And yes, Euca Nectar is glad to present our beginners Calligraphy workshops, the Explorer Momentos, to you. Please click here for more detail of how your calligraphy journey will begin with us!

I have some basic ideas about modern calligraphy before and I would like to explore something more in the calligraphy world! Does any workshop of Euca Nectar work for me?

Why not, Buddy? In our Get into the Flow workshop, you are able to get in touch with more calligraphy techniques and materials, like letter flourishing and experience of writing on different textures. Never stop learning from each other and please join us! Click here for more detail.

My besties and I would like to have a nice weekend gathering while learning calligraphy, is it possible that Euca Nectar can hold a private session for just few of us?

We would love to be part of your enjoyable time with your companions.

We generally recommend of participants of 3 to 15 would be an ideal class size, depending on the mode of guidance that you prefer. For small class size like 3 to 7 participants, it is more possible to provide “guidance at your fingertips”, which is particularly a relaxing weekend activity under a calm vibe for intellectual individuals like you. For private session, please fill out the form here and let us know!

Product related queries


I like your calligraphy style, but I’d like them to be placed on other objects and products. Does it work for Euca Nectar?

Absolutely! We’ve been working tirelessly to expand and create our product offerings to make our customers satisfied and had a distinctive experience with calligraphy. Please visit PERSONAL COMMISSION, you may fill out the contact form with the brief inquiry and information or email us to 

What’d happen after I purchase an item from Euca Nectar’s website?

After you have completed the prompt checkout process with your customize product details (examples: quotes, names, paint colors etc.), you should be receiving the first email from us to confirm your online order. 

If your order is a ready-to-buy item, we will send the product straight to your address, excited!

However, if you’re a fan of bespoke and customize product, after filling out the enquiry form, please check your inbox for our email because we are about to start our idea-exchange stage! 

After we received the basic information, it is possible that we might want to get some extra detail of your preference through email. Then, we will start working on the draft that best accommodates your preference. Please note that only three times of amendments of draft would be provided (extra amendment fee will be charged if exceed). After when are both satisfied with the draft, you will be receiving another email which confirms the design of the piece and EN would not accept any request for return, refund and mind changing of design afterwards. Then, we would work on the final within three days to two weeks (depends on the complexity of the product).

We will send you an email when we shipped your order out. Under this stage, please sit back, relax and wait your baby to arrive its new home;)

The above mentioned communication within two parties takes place under email.

How many days in advance should I place an order for physical products from the website?

The sooner the better! As our business is under the initial phrase, there is not much stock for each product or standby, therefore we generally recommend dropping the order 2 weeks in advance! That’s why it is appreciated if we receive more time to prepare your order and make it perfect! However, if time is limited in your case, why don’t you contact us first and maybe we have got enough stock for you!

What are the payment method?

We offer online payment facilities using Paypal, Visa, MasterCard. Alternatively, you can pay by direct debit or Payme, please reach us via email or filling the contact form here to let us know.

How much does the shipping cost?

Currently, we offer a free shipping for orders above $500 for domestic shipping within Hong Kong, $40 will be charged as shipping for order under $500. For details of air parcel postage rates, please contact us here.

What countries do you ship to?

Due to the initial phrase of our business, currently, Hong Kong would be Euca Nectar's  first location to offer service. However, we genuinely hope our map of networking would reach your country, so, if you do not have an address in Hong Kong and wish to purchase from us, please get in touch by clicking here.

Which carrier company does Euca Nectar use? How long do I have to wait after I order a product from the online store?

We’ll mail all of our orders via SF Express for local orders. Delivery standard of local standard express generally takes 2 to 3 working days. 

For in stock product, we generally takes 2 to 3 days to prepare your order, 

For out of stock product, we generally needs 2 to 4 weeks, we would prepare your order as soon as we can when we get the original materials.

Once we’ve processed and ship your order you will receive a notification email so that you can estimate the arrival day of your parcel.

Any return policy?

Firstly, we are pleased to have your support!

As every piece of Euca Nectar’s product and calligraphy works are customize and specifically made for you, and we hope our customers would appreciate how unique that every letters and strokes are like us. All sales are non-refundable or non-returnable as they all are fragile goods. We would do our very best to ensure adequate exchange of ideas (for details of how product will be done, please visit  question 'What’d happen after I purchase an item from EN’s website?' in the same session) and confirmation is done during the creation process with our customers.

Unless you received the wrong or defective product, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenient cause and please notify us within 7 days of purchase, we will do our best to ship a brand new product for you. To ensure the parcel is eligible for return, the product must remain its original packing with product unused. 

I didn’t receive my order because I put the wrong address, what should I do?

Customers are responsible to fill their address correctly.

If your parcel is sent back due to the incorrect address, Euca Nectar do not take any responsibility for that.

If you decided to amend the address for your order, please immediately contact us through email before you have received the shipping confirmation email.

Service related queries


What information should I give and what is the procedure like for a bespoke product like original lettering pieces?

Don’t worry, it’s not complicated as you thought! It’s like a casual chat and your visualized idea gradually becomes a real gift!

Firstly, we prefer some basic idea and preferences from our client, for example the purpose usage and maybe the story behind of the gift, this helps us to understand your vision and expectation for the outcome. If we are on the same page, we will further discuss on the choice of media, sizes, required time and design details as well as the quotation for you.

In order to ensure things go perfectly as we both expected, we might contact you for further information time to time!

Do you offer on-site lettering service?

Yes for sure! This is beyond satisfied when our client received their gift with our calligraphy just in front of us. If you are interested in our on-site lettering service for your company assets or on your special day, please visit EVENT & COLLABORATION! Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or fill out the contact form.

What is your specialty?

Every brand has their own specialty as well as Euca Nectar! At this moment, we are proud to share our dip pen and engraving work on different medium to our dearest customers, especially in Bible lettering, we love how comforting it is! So please reach us if you feel the same way.

However, there are rooms for us to explore with brush pen and we would now prefer to focus on dip pen calligraphy.

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