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“I like how details add up to the whole picture in women’s fashion style, and I want to make a contribution to that level of detail by embracing the beauty in calligraphy and bringing it into our lifestyle.”

Vanessa Leung

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About Euca Nectar

Our Story

Founded in Hong Kong, Euca Nectar is a local calligraphy service that aims to offer high-quality lettering and artwork that are elegant and uplifting, creating unique designs for every woman.  Every piece of our craft is handwritten by founder Vanessa Leung with extra love and care. 

What does Euca Nectar stand for? 

Euca, taken from the name of Eucalyptus, symbolizes the purifying effect from the plant. Nectar, like the divine gold liquid the Olympian gods once had, fixes your mind and nourishes your soul.

Why Euca Nectar?

I saw that living a balanced life in such a hectic city like Hong Kong is extremely difficult, and I think everybody deserves a chance of enhancing their life with ease and rest. So I started up this brand with the idea to uplift and refresh lives with elegance and a positive attitude. I also hope to support people to show their gratitude to their loved ones with my handwriting.

While EN stands for an elegant and peaceful way of life, I don’t think everyone has to born with certain feminine or elegant features to be able to own that style. I think it’s more of an attitude in life, a voice, or a statement that I believe is representing the direction you will lead yourself to. 

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Gifting shouldn’t be dull and boring.

Vanessa Leung

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About Vanessa Leung

This is Vanessa Leung, I am a self-taught Calligraphy enthusiast based in Hong Kong.

I was raised on sports, a positive and hardworking attitude, and Sunday morning church. 

Like most people, I wasn’t born to be that confident and comfortable with expressing personal feelings. I am always full of good intentions and gratitude but was never good at speaking about it.

Long story short, I was 20 when I first started lettering because I wanted to pick out the best graduation gift for my best friend, and I wanted to make it a very personal and considerate gift (Not just some stuff animals or greeting cards). As I went on to search for the gift, it hit me: it is quite difficult to find a sincere and humble gift with art, class, style, grace, and charm while delivering a meaningful message.

And what’s more thoughtful than a handmade gift with a beautifully handwritten special message in it?

What’s more comfortable and memorable than crafting your message with art?

Since then, it had opened up a whole new world for me, as I started the journey to crafting with Calligraphy for my dear friends and customers. I have been helping them to figure out how to craft their messages with Calligraphy and illustrations ever since, and I am obsessed with it. I want everyone to have a wonderful experience like I did when founding the beauty in gifting and communicating feelings with lettering, and in expressing gratitude in a comfortable and graceful manner. I know gifting could be done in a meaningful way with style and care without losing its value. 

I wasn’t born to be an artist but I never stop learning and working as hard as possible. All of my work progress as I grow, and it is a beautiful journey I would like to share with the world. I hope my artwork can be a gift to you, and you to others. 

Let’s pick up the pen and craft the special piece, starting with yours.



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