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Wedding Suite

The affordable luxury that enlighten your wedding.

Wedding Invitation Overview: Welcome


A budget and time friendly option for you.

The Semi-Custom Invitations offers you our signature design style with fully customisable colours, just fill in the information of your big date and we'll sort out the rest for you.


Having your one of a kind version.

Work closely with us, we make your vision live.
Create your own wedding invitation like no others.

Wedding Invitation Overview: List

What makes the price different?

Glad to hear that you are also the fan of minimalism and modern design! We understand you might want to have a brief idea about how we charge, as price may defers depend on the complexity of design and!

the effect applied, please take a look of the below:

For rate sample, please click button below

OR we could quote based on the reference photo which fits your preference to give you some idea on our pricing!


我們用了最多客人有興趣的設計作報價例子, 按下面按鈕~


Wedding Invitation Overview: Welcome

Date range of sending off your invite | 派帖日子

Price may differ when it’s in peak season and tight timeline! Standard lead time would be 3 months for sufficient idea exchanges and better result.


Quantity of sets | 囍帖數量
Single or double sided | 單面或雙面設計

We offer special rate for clients who order more than 100 sets
complimentary customised embossing stamp service for 150sets up order!


600gsm Textured Cotton card / Textured Watercolour card / Soft Cotton card
用紙 - 600gsm 環保厚棉卡 或 凸紋水彩卡/軟棉卡

Speaking of paper choice if you are fan of letterpress, 600gsm cotton card would be your pick since they would be thick enough to withstand the pressure of letterpress and able to leave a define, clear and fine line on the invite.

While if you go for some digital printing, watercolour card or soft cotton card would be the right pick (which they are also compatible with letterpress and gold foil) and they are in more favourable price!


Need any letterpress effect? | 需要凸版印刷嗎單/雙面?

Letterpress required a more complex production since sample plate is needed to be produce before the actual printing, which copies of an image are produced by repeated direct impression of an inked.

The deep impression of the design on the thick, luxurious paper creates a tactile experience that can be seen and felt. The rich ink colours are bold and vibrant, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any piece. Each print is a work of art, crafted with precision and care, and imbued with the charm and character of a bygone era. With letterpress, every detail matters.


Any Gold foil effect? | 需要燙金效果嗎? 單/雙面?

Here comes the king! Gold foil adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to wedding invitations, creating a luxurious and elegant effect that is sure to impress.


Any custom line art or watercolour manipulation art for your wedding venue?


We know the wedding venue means so much to you! We offer service for creating custom wedding venue art by professional digital artist, extra charge would applied.

Wedding Invitation Overview: Services

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