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Customise Invitation Process

Consultation Phase

We wanted to know about your preference - elements, colour palette and themes that you like. We could discuss online, or have a face to face meeting (which would be more time efficient), you may also share us your love story to give us inspiration, why not?

Our signature moodboard would then be shared with you for brainstorm purpose.

We will then prepare the first draft of tailor made moodboard according to your vision, and some fine tune.


Design Phase

The most exciting but also time consuming part.

Involve some back and forth - adjustment, feedback and contribution from both sides.

Or you may leave it completely to us, let us do our job and we keep it as a surprise for you until receiving the final product! 


Personal touch
& Ensemble

If you are eager to push further for some personal touch, we got your back! We have a great selection of ribbons, featured envelopes, vellum jacket for you.

The perfect wedding suite is now ready to be ensemble by us, then, directly to your hand,

Custom Wedding Invitation: Features

Want to get a quotation of service or take a look of the moodboard? Click below, fill in the form and we would get back to you as soon as we can. Cheers!

Custom Wedding Invitation: Text
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