Wish you in peace under turbulence  

祝你在亂流下平安 (Cover)

任歲月再壞 不致心慌 (Back)


*Text will be updated as 'Wish you in peace under turbulence' for the latest version. 

Red Packet 2022 - Wish you in peace under turbulence

  • Important note: This is a L size red packet (Height:16.5 cm Width:9 cm)

    Our final product design is subject to the latest digital file shown in the media gallery.

    Lyrics extracted from Canto pop Galactic Repairman by the local leading band Dear Jane, we hope our latest design for 2022 could also benefit non-Christians/local songs supporters like you! With the signature matte gold foiling finish gives an incredible look on our 250gsm fine quality paper with both VEGAS GOLD and BURGUNDY for options, we wish that you appreciate the elegance as well as the 'low key noblest' as well as we do!

    What’s more, we advocate the idea of reuse nowadays! We love how high quality red packet with an evergreen design can encourage others to reuse them over years!