Amazing Grace


原來從他的豐盛完美中, 我們都領受了恩典,而且恩上加恩。


Red Packet 2021 - Grace (John 1:16)

  • Important note: This is a M size red packet (Height:12 cm Width:8cm)

    Our final product design is subject to the latest digital file shown in the media gallery.


    With our selection of Bible verses and greeting phrases, the matte gold foiling finish gives an incredible look for our Red Packet Collection. This year, we chose 250gsm fine quality paper with burgundy as our theme colour for the red packet to ensure you will stand out from others, with our prestigious design and the message you wish to deliver.


    What’s more, we advocate the idea of reuse nowadays! We love how high quality red packet with an evergreen design can encourage others to reuse them over years!